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Fc2m Company

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Address : 1 Chemin des graviers
Phone : +33 134 763 355
email contact@fc2m.com
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FC2M is a young innovative company created July 16th, 2007 in France to meet a need of a collaborative bridge between health care professionals and health care product manufacturers.

FC2M Company is based on a concept created by Claudine Richon, founder and CEO, originated in the awareness of a gap between the different health care stakeholders, detected after more than 13 years of expertise in the health domain.

After her Master’s degree in Electronics engineering, Claudine Richon completed her studies with a new product Development MBA in California. She began her career in the emerging high-tech market of microelectronics in 1984, and more particularly in the semi-custom application integrated circuits market. Then, extremely keen on health, she joined this business sector after eight years in the semiconductors industry, already centered on the “full custom” approach which allows to adapt to customers’ needs.
portrait Claudine RichonDuring three years, she also tried out an innovative e-marketing model for B to C linking during the Internet bubble.

Thanks to this structured professional past and after thirteen years of experience in the health industry, four of which in marketing services, Full Custom Medical Marketing, FC2M, was created.

It’s being in contact with the integration technologies which optimize performances, reduce costs and equipments dimensions, and then with the patient and health professionals, instrumenting in the operating room, demonstrating products in different hospital departments, or manipulating single use devices and working with pharmaceuticals companies that an obvious need appears: create and maintain the win-win link on demand between health professionals and health manufacturers to improve the condition of patients.

The collaborative custom bridge developed by FC2M Company allows to adapt the technological contribution and to optimize the logistic approach in a constantly changing environment, in terms of pathologies, types of patients, economic resources, and environmental constraints.
FC2M integrates all these economic factors in its services because they are inseparable. And it is only processing, understanding and analyzing these factors as a whole that the marketing action becomes strategic and effective.

To do this FC2M Company gathers together a network of medical experts formed with the passing time in the various health specialties. This network is indisputably the strength of FC2M. Moreover, the Company has at its disposal an IT expertise with its web 2.0 platform. A dedicated server provides its customers with the backup of their specific information. FC2M is an innovative company working with an outsourced model, thanks to the use of high-performance and economic linking techniques, for its collaborators but also for its customers and health professionals. It allows it to work internationally for all its services.

FC2M Company gives its customers a guarantee of quality, precision, reactivity, discretion, confidentiality and efficiency. It ensures the permanence of its actions in time for a durable and beneficial monitoring of its customers.
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questionThe starting point of an FC2M intervention is often the FC2M-Consult service, which allows to carry out a need analysis and to offer customized marketing solutions. Naturally, any request for quote can be made by email to contact@fc2m.com or by phone.

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