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Fc2m's Mission

Fc2m's mission
At the heart of values and stakeholders
Fc2m harmonizes relationships
by sharing information

Improve the condition of patients by being the win-win link between health care professionals and health care product manufacturers.

It's only by developing a quality relationship with sustainable trust among the different stakeholders that the parties can truly benefit. Using its innovative methodology, Fc2m generates a synergy of efficient actions that bear concrete results in a system of recognized values that are shared by all of the stakeholders. Our stakeholders are the various complementary entities that are directly and indirectly linked by Fc2m: Health care product manufacturers, health care professionalspatient and patient groups.

Our values are related to each of these stakeholders. Respect: fundamentally, respect for the patient, which induces all of the professions that work for the patient to have respect for him or her as well as mutual respect for each other. Trust: since the patient trusts his or her health and thus life to various health care stakeholders, the working relationships among all those who participate in the care of the patient culminate in the spreading of this mutual trust. Empathy: it is impossible to act in favor of health without considering others' well-being. Humility: each stakeholder learns from others and it is this thirst for knowledge and curiosity to understand that is the basis of mutual progress.

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A complete chain of marketing services for health care product manufacturers

Fc2m helicopterCarrying out an occasional marketing campaign at a given time (T) without a precise and detailed general understanding of the environment - whether it be the patient, medical, product, user, technology, competition and market environment - is meaningless both from an investment perspective as well as from a results standpoint.

Thanks to its expertise, Fc2m understands this, and it concentrates its efforts as well as its mission on the direct and continuous relationship among health care product manufacturers, health care professionals and patients' groups.

It should be noted that the term "health care professional" includes practitioners and the establishments in which they work, which can be offices, public or private hospitals, or private clinics. As such, the idea of a purchasing cooperative arises as a collection of the interests and requirements of its members.

The different modular and complementary components of the services offered by the Fc2m company aim to assist health care product manufacturers in a sustained, long term manner in their detailed and realistic understanding of the complex expectations of their users and customers. In the same way, these services address the needs of groups of users like the purchasing cooperatives mentioned earlier in their attempts to find suppliers that meet the criteria of their members and health care practitioners.

All of the strategic marketing campaigns that are implemented using this service chain and which are perfectly customizable have strength - both in terms of profitability of return on investment and in terms of end results - because by improving the condition of patients, health care product manufacturers bottom lines are improved and users' targeted purchasing is also improved.

In an economic and technological world in constant flux and acceleration, one must equip oneself with means that are adapted to the changes in patients' life spans, diseases, in each type of health care product, in each health specialty area, in each type of health care establishment, and in each cultural, national or international environment in order to respond to the variety of needs that are constantly changing. As such, Fc2m offers its varied services to the level of top 5 Europe, adapting them as needed for business practices and local cultural imperatives by using its international production platform.

These needs are the direct consequence of patients' need for comfort in all aspects of care for their illness. Who better than the health care practitioner or professional who speaks with patients on the one hand, or the patient groups that patients can use later to express these needs at all times? In this framework, this win-win spiral is nearly limitless because thanks to its success, health care product manufacturers can reinvest in research and development in order to continue to innovate by constantly listening closely to its users and customers. This positive mutual stimulation for both parties is the result of the original and innovative methodology designed and developed by Fc2m.

Planetary Priority: sustainable development

sustainable developmentFc2m is convinced that the health care sector has an important role to play in the area of sustainable development. A health care product must be considered in this way today as a non-neutral influence on the environment, during the processes of design and manufacturing, during its use and finally upon its end of life destruction. The awareness of health care products manufacturers is therefore located in the three stages of a product's life, i.e. before, during and after patient care.

Health is a major area of concern in terms of sustainable development as the base principle of the Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development indicates: "human beings are at the center of areas of concern related to sustainable development. They have the right to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature".

Undeniable progress has been made in terms of public health during the last decade, but one cannot help but note that the environment is becoming a stronger and stronger determining factor and is responsible for a quarter of human sickness and death. The interdependence between environmental degradation, development processes and health is a major issue for sustainable development.

Economic and social development that respects the environment

sustainable developmentThe objective of sustainable health development is to define viable plans that conciliate the three aspects of human activities - economic, social, and environmental, i.e. the "three pillars" to consider, by health care product manufacturers (designers) and health care professionals (users):

  • Economic: "classic" financial performance, but also the ability to contribute to the economic development of the area where the company is located and that of all levels;
  • Social: social consequences of the company's business at all levels: employees (work conditions, pay level…), suppliers, customers, local communities and society in general;
  • Environmental: compatibility between the social activity of the company and the maintenance of biodiversity and of ecosystems. It also encompasses an analysis of the impacts of social development of companies and their products in terms of change, resource consumption (especially those that are difficult or slow to renew), as well as in terms of production of waste and polluting emissions, with this last consideration being required to effectively accomplish the two other aspects.

Fc2m supports C2DS – (C2DS is the Committee for Sustainable Development in the Health Sector) C2S2 was created one year ago under the sponsorship of the two ministries of health and sustainable development; via the interface of exchanges that it represents between the different stakeholders in the health care field and thanks to its innovative methodology and its values, the Fc2m company helps C2DS to achieve this objective and helps to determine the direction of the health care of tomorrow in order to promote sustainable development in terms of health.

National Priority: business intelligence (BI), targeting and lobbying

fc2m targetsFc2m produces structured knowledge in order to help health care companies to differentiate themselves from their competition. When one knows how to supply the proper strategic information at the right time, to the right person, in the proper context, a decisive competitive advantage over competitors is achieved.

The methodology and services offered by Fc2m produce business intelligence for health care manufacturers. Business intelligence is different than economic espionage because it only uses legal means and methods. It is designed with an ethical spirit with respect to authority structures, including first those created by States (sovereignty) but also those of companies.

The Fc2m methodology integrates the 4 streams of business intelligence:

  1. Monitoring (acquiring relevant strategic information),
  2. Protecting information capital (not divulging one's secrets)
  3. Help with decision-making
  4. Influencing (propagating information or behavior and interpretation standards that promote one's strategy).

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