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Business intelligence ( BI )

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FC2M produces structured knowledge in order to help health care companies to differentiate themselves from their competition. When one knows how to supply the proper strategic information at the right time, to the right person, in the proper context, a decisive competitive advantage over competitors is achieved.

The methodology and services offered by FC2M produce business intelligence for health care manufacturers. Business intelligence is different than economic espionage because it only uses legal means and methods. It is designed with an ethical spirit with respect to authority structures, including first those created by States (sovereignty) but also those of companies.

The FC2M methodology integrates the 4 streams of business intelligence :
1. Monitoring (acquiring relevant strategic information),
2. Protecting information capital (not divulging one's secrets)
3. Help with decision-making
4. Influence (propagating information or behavior and interpretation standards that promote one's strategy).

cible fc2mBusiness intelligence can be defined as a package of coordinate actions of research, processing and spreading for the exploitation of useful information for economic players. These actions are led legally with all the protection guarantees necessary for the preservation of the company’s property, in the best conditions in terms of time allowed and costs. Useful information is the one which is necessary for the different levels of decision of the company or the collectivity, to develop and implement a coherent strategy in order to improve its position in its competitive environment. These actions get organized around a continuous cycle, generating a shared view of the corporate goals.

Business intelligence also can be defined as the search and the systematic interpretation of the information accessible to all, to decipher participants’ intentions and know their capacities. It includes all supervision actions of competitive environment (protection, monitoring, influence) and differentiates itself from traditional information by: The nature of its field of application since it concerns open information and therefore, demands the respect of a credible deontology; its stakeholders’ identity, in so far as all the staff contributes to the building of a collective culture of information; its cultural specificities since every national economy produces an original model of economic intelligence which has a different impact on industrial and commercial strategies according to the countries.

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